Free Downloads

Prodigal Test Tone   Audio Wav File. Useful for line-up and level matching between your Prodigal Dual Channel Strip, DAW, and Computer Audio Software. Contains a 2 minute stereo block of 1kHz sine wave, at a fixed level of -6dBFS. Download szikla_test_tone.wav size: 34M
4x3 Line Up Slides  Powerpoint Presentation used for line up and colour balance of data projectors and displays. Features the slide depicted at left in 4 different resolutions, a multi-resolution slide for adjusting size & phase, a skin tones reference slide, and a type size reference slide. Download SZIKLA4x3_lineup.ppt size: 412K

16x9 Letterbox and Anamorphic Line Up Slides   Powerpoint Presentation features both Anamorphic and Letterboxed formats to display 16x9 within 4x3 format. 4 different resolutions, multi-resolution slides for adjusting size & phase, and a multi-channel colour balance slide. Download SZIKLA16x9_letterbox.ppt size: 442K
16x9 Native Line Up Slides   Powerpoint Presentation. Proper 16x9 format line up slides in 6 different resolutions up to Hi Def, multi-resolution slides for adjusting size & phase, and a multi-channel colour balance slide. Download SZIKLA16x9testpatterns.ppt size: 705K
Numbered Loop  Powerpoint Presentation with different coloured slides numbered 1 to 10. Useful as a setup tool for Cue King remote presentation system. Designed and used for quality control of this equipment in manufacture. Download 1-10colour.ppt size: 28K

Component Calculators  A little app that works in Microsoft Excel, but not on a Mac (sorry). Uses Macros in VB script to perform a bunch of repetitive calculations that normally make my eyes boggle to nine decimal places. Cobbled together over the years for my own use, and now shared for anyone interested in electronic design. 
1. Download component_calculators.xls size: 100K
2. Open and navigate in Excel to Tools/Macros/Security. Change security level to Medium, so that the Macros will work.
3. Close Excel and re-open.
4. You will see a security warning. Select 'Enable Macros'
5. File will open. You will see 5 tabs along bottom to access the 5 different calculators.
Ergo Battery Replacement Guide  PDF explaining the procedure for Yearly Replacement of 9 volt Battery in the RevRadio Ergo Handset. Download Ergobatterychange.pdf  size: 84K