PRODIGAL Dual Channel Strip & Monitor Station

Hand-made and tested in Melbourne, Australia


Developed in collaboration with Australian multi-award winning Producer/Engineer David Nicholas (US & UK #1s with Pulp, INXS, Elton John, Bryan Adams) the Prodigal Dual Channel Strip & Monitor Station is a world class analog strip for use in pro studio, location, or home recording and mastering. This blog follows a single unit through our March 2020 production build.

1. Empty Chassis. Straight out of bubble-wrap and ready to begin.

2. Power Supply Installed. Includes IEC inlet, Voltage Selector, and front panel Power Switch.

     The Prodigal uses 3 Torroidal Power Transformers instead of the cheaper option of a single one where all the output rails magnetically couple. This means that the VU and relay circuits are completely isolated from the analog audio circuitry - for super silent running. A third isolated transformer is dedicated only to the P48 supply. Supply rail voltages produced are:
T1: +48 phantom
T2: +15, +9, -9, -15 audio
T3: +5 digital metering, +12 relay switching.

     Note the Star Ground Post on the rear panel, which is the only point where Safety, Analog, Digital, and Chassis Grounds meet. From any point in the Prodigal's circuitry, there is only one path back to here, which eliminates internal ground-loops and current noise from neighbouring circuit nodes. This simple idea can be challenging to implement, but is a big factor in creating the Prodigal's scarily quiet noise floor. The Monitor Section alone boasts a signal to noise ratio of 104dB!

Keen observers will also notice there is no electric fan to annoy you during mixing. Fans in audio gear, well, blow. The Prodigal is designed to run cool, and only needs the four small black heatsinks for the audio rails, to which an additional cooling fin will be added later in the build process.

More tomorrow...

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